Meet the Ascended Masters

Who are the Masters?

The Ascended Masters are the professors of school room earth.

They are beings that have ascended past the need to re-embody here on this planet, they have perfectly balanced their karma, and they have achieved enlightenment and are in Oneness with all life.

They are called “Masters” because they have mastered the challenges of this world, and ascended into the spiritual realm. They have been ‘reborn’ as Jesus often referred to and they are free will Beings, that have chosen to remain in realms above to help humanity find their Way home.

Another term for them is the “Ascended Hosts”. Their biggest hope and mission is to help humanity awaken to the divinity within themselves. They want us to master this world as well so God within humanity can be victorious and heaven can come to earth through our own consciousness.

The Masters have the power to bring forth the changes that are necessary at this time, but they don’t have the authority. We have the authority because this is our world and it is our own free will that determines what happens here.

When we make calls to the masters, we empower them to go forth throughout our planet and bring more of God’s light to the darkness. We empower them to bring in a golden age that far exceeds anything that has come before.

However, our main goal is to become the Master below as the Master is above. To Be the Masters in embodiment. We simply have to remember it’s who we already are !