Followers of the Way (Fotway) is an Ascension Social Network!

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This summary below is from the old FOTWAY site, it’s still God, and yet, it will be updated! :~) 

Who is this great Way Shower, this savior of mankind? Who is this Christ BEING that leads the Way for this community and leads humanity into the Golden Age?

Why, it is Christ in YOU!

That’s right. Followers of the Way is about BEING, by following our own heart rather than following an outer leader, messenger or guru.

It is time to put into practice the wonderful teachings, spiritual work and by Being an example of the teachings. By connecting to our own Christ Self within for our own divine direction. What is it that Christ through us wishes to share? Followers of the Way is our opportunity to connect to that.

One of the problems of the students who have been practicing the teachings of the Ascended Masters for decades—and the Masters have spoken of this—is that they are in danger of becoming “eternal students”, the ones who always look for new information and new gurus and never get to the point of really embodying the teaching they are so devoted to.

However, there comes a moment in the cosmic history when this “eternal student” consciousness has to be transcended. In the Age of Aquarius everyone is expected to manifest the fullness of the Christ attainment. We are grateful to all blessed souls of great attainment who served as great Messengers and Gurus on this planet, but their work is done, and it is our turn now to internalize the priceless knowledge that was given through them and to accept at last the responsibility for our own lives and for the life of the planet. After all, this is what all the teachings have been given for.

For every spiritual seeker it is the moment when one has to make a choice: whether to remain within the frames of old limitations or to move up higher?

Followers of the Way is our opportunity to be involved in a community that is about each member connecting to our own divine direction within and sharing our questions, challenges, creativity and divine inspiration as we all come up higher together.

Beyond our illusions of separation we, you, all of us are One. But Oneness is not sameness. We are each and everyone of us unique Divine Flames within the infinity of All that IS. Each of us has our own special and unique gifts to offer to help raise up the whole. We’re here to help each other uncover and celebrate our divine individuality and talents while coming into unity.

Whoever you are, a follower of Buddha or a Christian, a student of an Ascended Master organization or Eastern philosophy – YOU are welcome to join us in our journey into the higher reality of our being.

There comes a time when students on the path of truth are called to work together. Can we BE the body of God? Can we learn from and contribute to the whole so that we help each other come up higher? We are here to work together, to go through the challenges of creating and Being in a community and to trust the Christ within us all, to direct us all higher into the Light.

Christ consciousness is truly the leader of Followers of the Way, and we recognize that Christ lives in YOU, and you and you… and Christ is perfectly capable of directing the community through many rather than one or two.

The gift of YOUR heart is needed and most appreciated. Come and reinforce the flame and action of our hearts as we together welcome in the Golden Age in Oneness and love as above so below.

Fotway has a social network open to all students of Truth. It’s a place where we can all connect and come up higher through sharing and discussing our ideas, concepts and inspirations. FOTWAY offers common ground for students from many different backgrounds, dispensations and belief systems.

Posts on FOTWAY do not reflect the opinion of all members, or the Website. It is a forum open to all for sharing, discussing and connecting.