Spiritual Spychology is all about ’spying’ on your ego. Be-yond our ego is who you and I ARE. We’re here now to surrender our illusions of separation so we can Be an open door for the Living Word. It’s not about the traditional psychology that seeks to build up our egos and satisfy that ego in an endless pursuit of happiness. A lot of therapies and modalities spend a lot of time helping the outer human ego to improve itself. Lots of “good, spiritual people” spend a lot of time remaking their outer egos to look loving and perfect. Yet this is just a façade intended to cover up the dark side to their natures – their inner dark desires and motivations. This is why so many evangelists and men of God end up having affairs and finding themselves in compromising positions to their followers.

How many times have we heard the words “I have sinned! Forgive me!” coming from a preacher whose affair with the church secretary was just exposed. Rather than seeking to elevate our human egos to a state of the divine, which is actually an impossible task, instead it is time to spy on our egos and recognize the ego for what it is – a false mask that was created to protect the inner, vulnerable child that hadn’t developed the inner strength over time to defend itself any other way. It’s about letting go of our false beliefs that keep us from fully owning our true natures as the Christ.

Spying on our egos takes a willingness to recognize when our human egos act out and take over our lives. In order to be the Christ, in order to ascend to a higher Christ consciousness, it’s time to let our egos “die”. That word may sound harsh, but it describes the process that has to happen for the inner Christ ego, our I Am self within, to take over and replace the outer human ego. The outer false mask “dies” as it gets replaced by our true divine egos of our real nature, our I AM self.

Recognizing what our human egos do to function and survive is the first main step to letting go of that ego. The day we get rid of our human ego reactions is the day we say, “No more! I am sick of you. You have had your day and now your time is up. No longer will I allow you to control me or take over and cause me to do things that are not of my highest perfection. Your day is done!”

On that day do we finally get rid of that ego once and for all, and begin the process of replacing it with our true Christ mind, our Christ self, our Christ reality. However, that is not as easy as it sounds. How to surrender our human ego? First step: be the observer. Spy on it! Hence: Spychology ~ Spy on your ego. Only in spying on it do we begin to recognize it for what it is – a false, pseudo self that is created to protect, defend, justify, and elevate itself, all in the name of survival. It was created to protect our inner true selves from all manners of harm, from rejection, mental abuse, cruelty, put-downs, one-upmanship from others, etc. The ego was developed as a survival mechanism that failed, and went wrong. Creating this false mask only led to more complications for us, rather than protecting us from outside pain and hurt.

Working through the mechanisms of this false ego starts with spying on and recognizing those false behaviors and beliefs that have guided us for so long on the path of coping with this outer world and all of its traumas. The false behaviors of justification and defensiveness as well as the false beliefs of separation from our true God source that we have allowed to guide us for so many years do not serve us well. It’s time to get rid of them once and for all – to identify them, confront them as lies, and take our power back from them, instead affirming the truth of our being as the Christ.

We can do this, and the first step is Spiritual Spychology – spying on our ego! So it’s time to get started right now. There are several ways to do this.  There are several ways our human egos function and sabotage us from being the Christ, and we will be looking at our personal psychology to deepen our understandings of ourselves and our patterns and messages that may be keeping us from owning our true natures as Christ beings. How does the ego function?  How does it sabotage our efforts to BE?  What can we do about the ego and it’s fight to survive despite our best efforts to get rid of it?  Read more here.

A series of Soul Freedom Techniques have been developed that enable us to successfully work through our false beliefs and ego justifications using standardized methods of reaching deep within to the core of our being and rooting out these beliefs and behaviors.  Read more about these techniques here.

In addition, One on One Spiritual Spychology sessions utilizing these Soul Freedom Techniques are offered on the following topics:

Discover My Ego Patterns and False Belief Systems

Resolving My Inner Traumas

How I Have Created my Present Reality

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