Be the Christ

Here is one way you can support Ascension NOW!:  By Being the Christ

For each person who fully manifests their true nature as the Christ, the earth shall be saved.  The earth is in the throes of it’s ascension, and it will take many Christed beings to lead the way.  Being the Christ is the requirement of the hour. Thousands of Christed beings will lead the way into the golden age of peace and enlightenment.  What does it mean to BE THE CHRIST?

The following is an excerpt from the Ascension NOW book “The BE-Attitudes“.  It is about how we are on a path of Christhood, following in Jesus’ footsteps, following the Way of Being.

Excerpt from new Ascension NOW! book by Rhonda Myers: “The Be-Attitudes” 

“Jesus said “these things that I do so shall ye do also and more so shall ye do because I go unto my father who is in Heaven.” (John 14:12)  Jesus would not have said this if it were not true. Did Jesus reserve his teachings for only those who were Jews? Or in today’s time, only for Christians? Absolutely not. Jesus said we can do what he did. He didn’t say, only some of you can do it. When he said “you can do” it, he was including all of us. His teachings were given freely to Jews and Samaritans alike. They were given out for anyone receptive to the truth, to the Romans and the Hebrews, and anyone else who wished to know, who was ready to know. Yet many of us see the things Jesus did as impossible and certainly not something we can do also.

So if it is possible as Jesus says it is, to do what he did, it raises the question, how do we achieve such a goal? How does one go about doing the things Jesus did? To some people, it seems almost irreverent to think such a thing, to others the goal seems too far away and improbable to happen. Jesus taught the path of BEing the Christ, yet much of it didn’t get written down, and a lot of his teachings were given in secret messages to his disciples in the “upper room” of the dwellings where they would stay. These upper room teachings were kept secret from the masses because at the time the masses were not ready for the fullness of Jesus’ teachings. The disciples were taught things that the rest of the population did not receive. Although some ancient scrolls are being discovered that may contain some of these secret teachings, it appears there is no written record of all that Jesus taught.

Does this mean we will never find out about these truths? Not at all. Today, on inner levels, we can discern and learn what Jesus imparted to his disciples about becoming the Christ. The word is written on our inward parts. (Jeremiah 31:33) “But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.” Who is this House of Israel this verse speaks of? It is you and me, for all of us are of the House of what IS REAL.

The word is found within us. It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I would like to add that when the student is ready the teaching appears. It may appear in many different forms. It may appear through the Bible, or the Vedas, through Buddhism, Muslim, Taoism, the Koran, Sufism, or any other teaching through which a studied adept is able to receive. Any of these vehicles can be the means to receive the truth of Christhood. It also may appear in written books, or the popular media of the day, often mixed in with falsehoods, but still there and ready to be recognized by the discerning student. Most importantly, the student may receive it directly from within. This is because Christ is an energy, and spirit of God that is available as a direct emanation from God regardless of any outer religion or theology. Any person from any religion can become the Christ. Jesus will be not feel insulted if you call the Christ flame the Buddha, or Krishna flame instead. The energy of spirit is the same energy, despite the nomenclature. It is the light of the Presence of the Spirit of the Creator of all races and religions.

Becoming the Christ is somewhat of a misnomer because we are already all one with that Christic energy. We do not need to “become” what we already are, yet so few of us are aware of that fact, having forgotten our true natures as the Christ. Fewer still are able to BE the fullness of that energy. The BE-Attitudes are about the Christ consciousness as it is found in you and me, and in the world. It is about remembering who we really are, our true selves. You may not have heard it phrased that way before, as a “consciousness” rather than a person. The consciousness of the Christ is that matrix, that energy that Jesus embodied, and that all of us are destined to BE. It can be found in many religions, and is not exclusive to Christianity, because it is not exclusive to Jesus. Any person from any religion can embody this Christ consciousness, and can BE the Christ, even as Jesus was the Christ and came in to embodiment to show us the way. Many buddha’s, saints, prophets, and miracle workers of the ages have embodied this Christ consciousness and lived the truth of their BEing as the Christ. History may not label these prophets and saints as the Christ, yet they embodied that same Christic energy that was in Jesus, and is our true nature as well. You can also embody that Christ consciousness and BE the Christ. Hence, the birth of the BE-Attitudes, a teaching inspired straight from the heart of Jesus Christ, and more importantly, from the Christ light within each of us, designed to show us the Way.”

Excerpted from “The BE-Attitudes” by Rhonda Myers, Ascension NOW! – book coming soon in print format!