Elohim Hercules,

Elohim of the Blue Ray

From Decree to Mighty HerculesOh Hercules thou Elohim,
the Veil is thinned, thy Angels Sing,
Solar light Being from Above,
Seal us in thy blue Flame Love
Blue Lightning Ray
God Power
God Will
God Protection
Twin Flame
Elohim Amazonia
Etheric Office(s)
Elohim of the Blue Ray
Sponsor of Ascension NOW! for God Will
Chariots of Fire – Vangelias
Books from other sources
Chela and the Pathby Elizabeth Claire Prophet


O Hercules, blest cosmic being
Thy labors claim us, now so freeing
Thy guiding light sings in the night
From stars so bright, we are thy might!

Decree to Mighty Hercules

Eohim Hercules is the Elohim of the First Ray – God Power and God Will.

Hercules Truly is a Might Cosmic Being of the Blue Flame Light. In fact, ¬†Hercules and his twin flame Amazonia, are the hierarchs of a very powerful sun.Hercules can be called on for protection from darkness and removal of opposition from our lives and our planet to the Ascension of Man. Hercules is very powerful and calling on him daily builds up a beautiful ovoid of Blue Flame light surrounding our energy field that truly protects us as we walk the way. Hercules helps us surrender our ego and dweller for the Light of our Christ Self and Divine Blue Print. Hercules is a very loving protector that helps us surrender to God’s Will for our Lives, which truly is our own higher Will.

Oh Hercules thou Elohim, the veil is thinned, thy angels sing, solar light Being from Above!!!

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Elohim Hercules Decree(s)

Elohim Hercules Keynote(s)

Hercules has recently released that Chariots of Fire is a Key note that will help you get in touch with his consciousness. Play the song and meditate on the Heart of Beloved Elohim of the Blue Ray and find your self transported into the Heart of the Blue Flame Sun of Being within you.

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