God Purity,

Elohim of the White Ray

From Decree to the Elohim of the Seven Rays:
Beloved Purity, bless us all
Lift from us the earthly pall
Empty our visions of impure kind
From the deepest recesses of our mind
Fourth Ray / White Ray / Purity Ray
God Purity
Balance of Power, Wisdom and Love
Mother Light
God Protection
God Government
Divine Order
Ascension NOW!
Twin Flame
Elohim Astrea
Etheric Office(s)
Elohim of White Ray
Sponsor of Ascension NOW! for Ascension NOW!
Coming soon..
Homeland – Miriam Stockley


Purity, I AM attuned today
God-Purity’s Ray now show the way
Pure white flame, come surround me
Crystal radiance all around me
Call to God Purity

God Purity is the Elohim of the Fourth Ray – Purity.

God Purity is Elohim on the fourth Ray, the base chakra, the Mother Light.

Purity is the Ray of the Divine Mother, which is they Ray of Mother in Creation – of Creation her Self. In White Light are all the Rays of Victory. God Purity is the Elohim on that helps us raise the Mother Light, our material experience, and our very being into the realms of the spiritual, the ascension realms.

As Elohim on the Fourth Ray God Purity is very active within our planetary sphere and within all those who are choosing to work on their own Ascension. God Purity and his twin flame Elohim Astrea can help Purify every fibre of our experience in the material realms. There is no darkness, no density, no negative thought forms that can stand in the Presence of the Purifying Action of the Elohim of the White Ray without feeling a great shift towards the Light.

God Purity helps us remove the impurities in our crystal diamond fiery heart so that our experience can truly reflect back to us the Abundant Life.

It is now time for us all to work with God Purity and Astrea, Serapis Bey and the Ascension Flames for the raising up of our Being into the Light of God that is All Ways All Rays of Victory. So call to God Purity and he will surely answer your call. God Purity’s Decree is a powerful way to connect with his Conciousness which is one that works in mysterious ways to help you bring great victories into your experience and world.


God Purity Decree(s)

God Purity Keynote(s)

God Purity’s new Keynote – Homeland by Miriam Stockley will be coming soon..

The Drumbeat of Purity is the Purification of the human creations back into the harmony of the Music of the Spheres. God Purity is the Elohim of Purification – Purification for planetary Ascension NOW!