Lady Master Nada

Lady Master Nada
3. Bring love forth unto all mankind
Help us to clear our minds, help us shine
We call for thy angels of ministry’s flame
To comfort all in the I AM name
Purple Ray – God Peace and Service
Rose Pink Ray of Love
God Peace
God Love
God Service
Also known as
El Morya,
Master M
Etheric Office(s)
Chohan of the Purple Ray
Lawyer on Atlantis
Lady Master Nada Keynote, coming soon.
Books from other sources
God Love books
“Awaken to love, every one”
We are all one in the sun!


Nada does call to every soul
Singing the song of the whole
“Awaken to love, every one”
We are all one in the sun!

- Master MORE

Lady Master Nada is the Beautiful and Loving Chohan on the Ray of God Peace and Service.

She works with us to bring more Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother into our World and thereby more Peace. She is a very loving and very powerful Being. You can connect with her through your Heart. Her decree released through Ascension NOW! is very beautiful and you can feel the Love pouring forth as you give it, because it really connects with Divine Love and Lady Master Nada’s flame.

Love your self, love your inner child, and thereby love the world to wholeness, healing and compassion for Life. Lady Master Nada loves you! So please connect with her flame and you will find that she is much more than we may think. She is a Great Cosmic Being of Mother Love Light. Follow your Heart, follow the Way and Lady Master Nada steps with you with rose pink rays of unconditional Love and Golden Purple Rays of Peace and Aloha.

More coming soon.


Lady Master Nada Decrees


    CALL TO NADA FOR LOVE’S FLAME In the name of the beloved mighty victorious presence of God, I AM in Me, my beloved Holy Christ Self and Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, I call to beloved Nada and her ministering angels to bring love’s flame unto all of life,...

Lady Master Nada Keynote(s)

Books about Unconditional Love and Service

coming soon… follow your inner heart and maybe you’ll outflow one!