Goddess of Gold

From Decree to Fortuna, Goddess of Gold!:Fortuna, Goddess of abundance
Highest light of cosmic substance
Powdery gold come fill my form
Surround me in a golden storm
Abundance Ray
God Abundance
Divine Mother Love
Also known as
Goddess of Supply
Abundance Keynote
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Fortuna, Goddess of Abundance
Highest Light of cosmic substance
Powdery gold come fill my form
Surround me in a Golden storm
Decree to Fortuna, Goddess of Gold

Fortuna is the Goddess of Abundance and she comes to help us open ourselves to the Abundance of the Divine Mother

Fortuna’s Abundance knows no limits, because it is the continuously expansive Light of the Divine Mother ~ Abundance is our natural estate of Being and as we surrender the blocks to Being, Fortuna manifests more and more in our lives the abundance that surpasses human understanding, abundance of Peace, Love, Harmony, Wholeness, Freedom, Music, Creation, and All that is True and All that is God !: ~)

Fortuna is a beloved Goddess and we can work with her to break through the illusions of separation and bring forth the Abundant Life for All!:~ )

More coming here for Beloved Fortuna soon.

Fortuna Decree(s)

Fortuna’s Keynote

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Fortuna and God Abundance Series

We’ll be introducing many shows, messages and articles about the abundance of Being – stay tuned~! and share your abundance inspiration with us by emailing us and using the blog posting functionality when it’s available ! :~ )