Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey

Ascension Master

Serapis Solleil of the sun
Burn through, purge my karmic sum
Shadows dim that never should have been
Melt and burn by Seraphim

Serapis' Ascension Light

White Ray – Purity – Ascension Ray
God Will
God Protection
God Power
Also known as
Serapis Solleil
Master M
Etheric Office(s)
Chohan of the White Ray, Purity’s Ray
Hierarch of the Luxor Ascension Temple
King Leonidas (of 300 fame)
Serapis Keynote
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Flame of Luxor blaze through me
Transfigured in glory let me be
Capstone visions I do see
Ascended now, ever one with Thee
Serapis' Ascension Decree

Serapis Bey is Hierarch of Luxor – Chohan of Ascension and Purity’s Ray

!Serapis Bey holds the standard of Purity for Earth’s evolutions. Follow the Way and we follow Serapis Way of Ascension.Much more on Beloved Serapis coming soon.

Serapis is a Being that all who are candidates for the Ascension on inner levels are very familiar with. We all work with Serapis in the Etheric on our initiations at the temple of Luxor. He is a great cosmic being and although he is known as a hard taskmaster by some, it is Truly the Pure Love of a Loving older Brother and Father that Serapis shares with us so that we too can attain our own God Freedom and Be eternal Life Beings of Love, compassion and creation as He IS!: )

More coming here soon.

Serapis Decrees

Serapis Ascension Keynote(s)

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