Master MORE
Master MORE we Love the LOGOS and now we do adore
The guru of our consciousness,
That makes our souls to soar !

Decree to Master MORE

Blue Ray
God Will
God Protection
God Power
Also known as
El Morya,
Master M
Etheric Office(s)
Chohan of the Blue Ray
Master of the LOGOS
Meclhior, one of the three wise men
King Arthur
Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (1118 – 1170)
Saint Thomas More
King Akbar the Great
El Morya Khan
Land of Hope and Glory  / Pomp and Circumstance
by Edward Elgar
Ascension NOW! Books
Being MORE by Master MORE
Books from other sources
Chela and the Path
by Elizabeth Claire Prophet
If the messenger be an ant, heed him!


If the messenger be an ant, heed him! - Master MORE

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Master MORE! is the Chohan of the First Ray, of God’s Will, God’s Power, God’s Protection and his focus on the Blue Flame Ray is Being MORE!

Known throughout his sponsorship of the Ascended Master Teachings he has been known as: Master M, Morya El, El Morya Khan, Morya and El Morya; and now he is known as Master MORE! He explains the reason for his name change in His book above: Being MORE, but essentially it boils down to this:

No Ascended Master is static. All of Life is always learning, growing and Being MORE when it is in the flow of the River of Life! It is only the human ego that steps out of the River of Life. That’s why it’s so important at this critical juncture in time and space to Jump Back  In the River and BE MORE Daily.

Some of Master MORE!’s embodiment’s include:

Abraham, Patriarch of the Abrahamic religions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism
King Arthur, head of the round table
Melchior, one of the three wise men
Saint Thomas Becket
Saint Thomas More
Thomas Moore (the Irish Poet)

He is often the first Teacher that the student will choose to work with, as choosing to learn the aspects of God’s Will under the tutelage of this Great Master, will enable the soul to be ready for further learning and initiations on their chosen field of study.

Master MORE Decrees


    VIOLET FLAME I AM MORE DECREE In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call to beloved Master More, hierarch of the blue flame of God’s will and power, and St. Germain, hierarch of the violet flame, to assist me in discovering what is God’s Holy will for my...

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