Archangel Michael
From Call to Archangel Michael:Charge me with thy Blue Flame Light,
Pierce me with they Blue Flame Sword,
Blaze through me with Lightning Fire,
Burn me in God’s Sacred Pyre
Blue Lightning Ray
God Protection
God Power
God Faith
God Power
Also known as
Saint Michael
 Lord Michael
Etheric Office(s)
Archangel on the Blue Ray
God in humanities protector
Captain of the Lord’s Hosts
Twin Flame
Archaea Faith
Navy Choir Song
New song
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“I AM Archangel Michael and I rebuke you in the name I AM that I AM” Archangel Michael said to the dark forces that had amassed themselves in the spiritual realms as he removed them


Lord Michael standing tall and firm
From thee there is so much to learn
God’s will, our motto and our guide
To Heaven’s gate our soul does glide
Call to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts and Humanities Protector.

We’ll be adding a lot of information to help you know more about and connect with Beloved Archangel of the Blue Ray – God Protection, God Power, God Will. Archangel Michael is a great Ally in the protection of the Divine wherever it may be, including your inner child and You!!!

Daily calls to Archangel Michael are key for making our Ascension in the Light and moving into the Golden Age and Way of Being with minimal birth pains. Archangel Michael is Pure Divine Protection. Calling on him daily is very wise indeed for us to move into the Abundant Way of Being!

Archangel Michael and his Billions of Legions of Blue Flame Angels are at work always in the Astral realms and all levels of Creation to cut us loose from the illusions and darkness that seeks to bind us in downward spirals of lethargy, depression, anger, resentment, sadness, or any other spiritual poison. Work with him and claim your God Freedom Now!

.You can learn more about Archangel Michael and how to get your own connection with him on this page we created a couple of years ago here.   .

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