1. Healing Tools

    Healing is for All of us.  As we balance our Three Fold Flame, the energies of Healing become available to us. Now is the time for Global Healing, and the Healing begins within! Physician Heal thy Self. Healing happens within. Our God Self, our Christ Self have Divine Perfection for...
  2. Spychology

    Spiritual Spychology is all about ’spying’ on your ego. Be-yond our ego is who you and I ARE. We’re here now to surrender our illusions of separation so we can Be an open door for the Living Word. It’s not about the traditional psychology that seeks to build up our...
  3. Multi-Media

    COMING SOON!     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoJejxPU7Bk&w=300&h=200
  4. Mother Mary Healing Meditation

    Mother Mary's Healing Meditation is a powerful outflow of Emerald Light for Healing on all levels of our being. It's most effective when listened to after doing some spiritual protection and a decree to Mother Mary. You also listen to one of Mother Mary's keynotes after the meditation for extra reinforcement. Be a Peace and enjoy :~ )

    In the name of the beloved mighty victorious presence of God, I AM in Me, my beloved Holy Christ Self and Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, I call to blessed Mother Mary and her healing angels to bless all souls with the peace of the Divine Mother, and oneness...