Ascension NOW! Sponsors

Ascension NOW! is an Ascended Master sponsored Dispensation to bring forth the Light of the Christ Consciousness and Golden Way of Being into form in our world – through the team of Light that Chooses to BE. We are the Light Made Manifest and we are sponsored by the Light that resides in the Spiritual Realms ~ As Above ~ So Below.

The Ascended Masters that initially put their hand forwards to sponsor this Great Work are:
  • Elohim Hercules
  • Mother Mary
  • Master MORE
  • Elohim Astrea
  • Lord Maitreya
  • Archangel Michael
  • Jesus Christ

Since this initial thrust forward on the Blue Ray with the Divine Mother energy of Mother Mary and the Christ Consciousness of Lord Maitreya – Ascension NOW! was Born into the Physical Realm with a humble beginning and yet a World Shift took place.

Ascension NOW! is now sponsored by many Masters, Christ Beings, Elohim, Archangels and Alpha and Omega’s Legions of Light. We Work with 100% Light Beings. We love all of Life and Will for Life to BE MORE. We do work with Elementals, Angels and people of all types, and yet we Answer only to God within – the Most High Lord of Lords – our Father Mother that art in Heaven.

In addition to the initial Masters to walk forward with this sponsorship – some sponsors of Ascension NOW! Now include:

  • Saint Germain
  • Goddess of Freedom
  • ISIS & Osiris
  • Jesus Christ
  • God Purity
  • Faith
  • Shiva
  • and many more (see lists of Ascended Masters that Ascension NOW! Works with here).

The Most important Sponsor for each One of us, is our own Beloved I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. Each One of us Living under the Light of our very own God Presence.

As you choose to enter this Work – know that the Ascended Master Sponsors of Ascension NOW! have 100% absolute Respect for your Free Will. Victories in Ascension will come through your own Victories in Surrender to Being. The Masters are here to Help every step of the Way. Our burden is Light when we give it to the Christ within. And the Ascended Masters will always Work through your very own Christ Self. Therefore, do not expect Masters to do the work for you, to wave a magic wand and fix everything in your consciousness without a full willingness to surrender, or to try and interfere with your Free Will.

We call forth the Light and the Light can then Act. And this is our Free Will Choice we make every time we choose to Make that Call. Now is the opportune time! Calling in the Light is the Way of Ease, and Grace, and Victory and Ascension. Call forth the Light NOW! : ~) Should you choose Being.

Let Life it Self be the ritual – the Right Use of God’s Light.