Opening Decrees and Calls
0.1 Daily Tube of Light Decree
0.2 Ascension NOW! Decree
0.3 Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary
1st Ray Decrees
1.1 Call to Archangel Michael
1.15 I AM Michael
1.17 Decree to Beloved Faith
1.2 Hercules
1.3 Astrea
1.4 Decree to Master MORE - Master of the LOGOS
1.5 Great Divine Director
2nd Ray Decrees
2.1 Wisdom's Ray Decree
2.2 Decree to Lord Lanto
3rd Ray Decrees
3.1 Call to Nada for Love's Flame
4th Ray Decrees
4.1 Serapis Ascension Decree
4.2 Call to God Purity
5th Ray Decrees
5.1 Divine Mother Mary
5.2 I AM Healing Decree
5.3 Call to Fortuna,
Goddess of Gold
5.4 Music of Ascension Decree - Hilarion
6th Ray Decrees
6.1 Archangel Uriel
6.2 Jesus Resurection Decree
6.3 Decree to Lord Maitreya
7th Ray Decrees
7.00 Violet Flame Decree
7.05 Violet Victory
7.10 Sound of Violet Flame Decree
7.15 Violet Flame I AM MORE Decree
7.2 Bless the Earth with Violet Flame
7.3 I Call to Shiva
7.4 Kuan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy
7.5 Twin Flame Violet Flame Decree
7.6 Call to Holy Spirit
8th Ray - Integration of all 7 Rays
8.00 Jesus Decree for Clearing Each Ray for Ascension NOW!
8.10 Decree to the 7 Archangels
8.20 Decree to the Elohim of the Seven Rays
9th Ray - Meditation and Enlightenment
9.1 Ninth Ray of Meditation Decree
9.2 Decree to ISIS, Divine Mother of Contemplation
9.3 Decree to Osiris
10th Ray - Creation
  Creation Ray Decrees will go here
Eleventh Ray - Oneness
11.11 Micah Angel of Unity
11.2 I AM MORE Decree
Twelth Ray
12.1 Mighty I AM Presence Decree
Other Decrees
13.1 Decree to Alpha
13.2 Decree to World Mother and Elemental Life
13.3 Golden Pink Glow Ray
13.4 Goddess of Victory


In the Name I AM THAT I AM, Saint Germain and all cosmic Beings and Hierarchs of the Violet Flame we call for the transmutation of (entities, areas of darkness). Therefore we decree:

  1. St. Germain infuse the earth
    With a mighty miracle violet girth
    Transform earth’s karma purify
    The emotional belt, now sanctify


Bless the earth with violet light
Infill the skies with purple and white
Ring the oceans with violet blue
Shower the seas with a purple hue

  1. Miracle reams of violet light
    Blaze forth from cosmic beings of light
    Transmute the cause and core of fear
    Hold in your arms all those so dear


  1. Flames of violet lightning ray
    Transmute all causes of war we pray
    Send legions of angels into the fray
    Stop the conditions of war this day


  1. Explosions of violet shattering fire
    Blaze forth upon the earth we pray
    Bring us peace, transmute the dire
    Darkest predictions of the day


  1. Bless the people of the earth
    With a miracle of great rebirth
    Raise us all to a whole new page
    Ascend the earth to a golden age


(Give decree 3x, 9x, or 33x from verse 1., then go to FINAL CODA)


Saturate the earth with violet light!
Mighty violet ray of light! (9x)


We accept this prayer manifest in full power here and now throughout the planet,
to bless all souls of light, transmute all areas of darkness, and raise all into ascension’s light.

Almighty I AM, I AM in Me
I AM in thee, thy self in Me
Thy victory’s mine, thy hope divine
God seals all in His love sublime.
Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.


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