Opening Decrees and Calls
0.1 Daily Tube of Light Decree
0.2 Ascension NOW! Decree
0.3 Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary
1st Ray Decrees
1.1 Call to Archangel Michael
1.15 I AM Michael
1.17 Decree to Beloved Faith
1.2 Hercules
1.3 Astrea
1.4 Decree to Master MORE - Master of the LOGOS
1.5 Great Divine Director
2nd Ray Decrees
2.1 Wisdom's Ray Decree
2.2 Decree to Lord Lanto
3rd Ray Decrees
3.1 Call to Nada for Love's Flame
4th Ray Decrees
4.1 Serapis Ascension Decree
4.2 Call to God Purity
5th Ray Decrees
5.1 Divine Mother Mary
5.2 I AM Healing Decree
5.3 Call to Fortuna,
Goddess of Gold
5.4 Music of Ascension Decree - Hilarion
6th Ray Decrees
6.1 Archangel Uriel
6.2 Jesus Resurection Decree
6.3 Decree to Lord Maitreya
7th Ray Decrees
7.00 Violet Flame Decree
7.05 Violet Victory
7.10 Sound of Violet Flame Decree
7.15 Violet Flame I AM MORE Decree
7.2 Bless the Earth with Violet Flame
7.3 I Call to Shiva
7.4 Kuan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy
7.5 Twin Flame Violet Flame Decree
7.6 Call to Holy Spirit
8th Ray - Integration of all 7 Rays
8.00 Jesus Decree for Clearing Each Ray for Ascension NOW!
8.10 Decree to the 7 Archangels
8.20 Decree to the Elohim of the Seven Rays
9th Ray - Meditation and Enlightenment
9.1 Ninth Ray of Meditation Decree
9.2 Decree to ISIS, Divine Mother of Contemplation
9.3 Decree to Osiris
10th Ray - Creation
  Creation Ray Decrees will go here
Eleventh Ray - Oneness
11.11 Micah Angel of Unity
11.2 I AM MORE Decree
Twelth Ray
12.1 Mighty I AM Presence Decree
Other Decrees
13.1 Decree to Alpha
13.2 Decree to World Mother and Elemental Life
13.3 Golden Pink Glow Ray
13.4 Goddess of Victory


In the name I AM THAT I AM, we call to the Chohans of the Ninth Ray of Meditation, Isis and Osiris in their retreat over Mount Shasta, to come forth and seal us in this ray of meditative bliss. We also call to Elohim Marcus and Elizabeth and all the Buddhas of the ninth ray of meditation to come forth and overshadow us this day, and especially to beloved Maitreya to overshadow us with your Buddhic sense. Guide us to the truth of our being, becoming More of thy Buddhic light:

[Leader: Now form the lotus posture comfortably sitting down, or sit in a chair with arms gently enfolded in your lap. Close your eyes and visualize the Chohans, Elohim and Lord Maitreya reaching out with their arms, palms extended outward and upward, to show the path of blissful meditation. Visualize the lotus flower in the crown chakra opening wide to allow you to enter that secret chakra just above your head. Call out the name of your I Am Presence, and visualize that presence slowly and quietly descending into your aura and being. Welcome your Mighty I Am with open arms, and see that I Am enter into all atoms, cells, and electrons within your four lower bodies, and then enter into the secret chamber of your heart. Say “I welcome you, my Mighty I AM, and give this call together with you in full strength and light“]

  1. Beloved Ray of Meditation
    Inner tones of soundless vibration
    Blaze through my being in waves of motion
    Blessed at-one-ment in great devotion


Peace infill, peace instill
Buddha flame, within be still,
Peace forestall, to thee we call
Buddha peace, now bless us all

  1. Peace be still, my beating heart
    Silence, ne’er the lips do part
    Quietly arise, my true God-design
    The dove descends, a loving sign


  1. Softly comes the Buddha within
    My divine self does sweetly descend
    Victorious ascent of my earthly self
    Intertwining, forming my glorious new self


  1. Pain and suffering go into this flame
    As above so below, we are the same
    Transforming light of glorious health
    Bring me back to my I Am self


  1. Contemplation of the coming Buddha
    Interconnected, the defining mudra
    Sustaining comfort, I soar ever skyward
    Peaceful intent, Thy love flows outward


  1. Open wide the gate to the secret realm
    Divine chakra opens above my crown
    Transcendent thought, experience the I Am
    Deep in contemplative thought I’m found


  1. Shimmering light violet, a silvery hue
    Lilies of lilac now imbue
    Dependence upon this Buddhic realm
    Reliance upon God’s blessed helm



Divine bliss in meditation,
I Am Oneness, endearing devotion
Awareness of my I Am name
Connecting with this secret flame

Be quiet, be still, within I find
Buddha light, infill my mind
Quietly come, I Am in me,
Buddha light, thy truth I see


We accept this prayer manifest in full power here and now throughout the planet,
to bless all souls of light, transmute all areas of darkness, and raise all into oneness with the Buddha within.

Almighty I AM, I AM in Me
I AM in thee, thy self in Me
Thy victory’s mine, thy hope divine
God seals all in His love sublime.
Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.