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There are so many ways to support this movement.  It is not just “our” movement here at Ascension NOW headquarters. This movement is also “your” movement.  It is all of ours, and it is Mother Earth’s movement. It’s a movement in consciousness, a movement in enlightenment and cosmic understanding.  Once a certain number of people reach a higher level of understanding regarding their mission and true nature as the Christ, this planet will be lifted into a higher cosmic dimension of light that will raise all up.

Like many groups today, we have many physical plans and goals that we seek to achieve. At present we have organized Ascension NOW as a non-profit, and are looking at plans to develop a sustainable community with a retreat center focus.  This center will offer a meditative atmosphere for homing one’s skills in Being the Christ, direct communication with the ascended hosts, training and workshops designed around achieving enlightenment, and much more!

If you would like to donate to this cause, there are many ways to do so.  Please read all the pages in this section to discover how you can contribute your light and energy to the cause.  The Father Mother God in You is the bread and butter of this organization.  It is you and thousands like you who will make this movement succeed.  Thank you!

Abundance Flows to One who Knows

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